Who’s behind Gippsland Rally?

You know it takes a lot to run a top level national motorsport event, yeah? We wouldn’t be able to do it without the volunteer officials all year round, and during the event itself. We draw on a lot of resources and we highly appreciate the way these supporters contribute to The Middle of Everywhere Gippsland Rally.

Mattronics, the design office equipment specialists support our printing requirements. There’s a large range of specialist printing required for a rally. Mattronics have been a long term event supporter printing our course signage, sponsor banners and the competition stickers for cars.

The organising committee need a place to rest over the week of the rally. Located just around the corner from Rally HQ, the Railway Hotel is the chosen place for us with accomodation, food and drinks. The pub warms up on the Friday night of the rally, and with a live band on Saturday night its the place to be in Heyfield. 

The Friday Rally Show and Spectator points are powered by Southern Generators & Electrical. Specialising in powering events, SGH provide us with the most effective way to power The Middle of Everywhere Lounge and food vendors at spectator points.

The Sonax Car Wash is available to all competitors just before they enter the service park. Situated on Fawaz St, there’s going to be a team of speedy junior car cleaners from Heyfield Primary School spraying off all the dirt for the teams. The Sonax team is providing it’s high pressure washers and Sonax Multi Star to get the cars shining like the stars they are!

Author: Michael Finger

Hi, I’m Michael and I’m a freelance photojournalist. I live in Montmorency, in the north eastern suburbs of Melbourne and I offer a range of photography services to help you achieve the results you’re after.