Privacy Policy

This organisation collects and holds a range of personal information about volunteers for the purposes of recruitment and ongoing management of volunteers. The organisation is committed to protecting the privacy of volunteers’ personal information and as such adopts the principles of the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988.

Definition of personal information:
Personal information is any information held by the organisation about a volunteer that could reasonably be used to identify them.

Apart from their name, this could be:
• address or phone number
• medical condition
• living arrangements
• employment
• hobbies, clubs or activities
• photos or videos
• likes and opinions

The collection and management of information of this nature is subject to the procedures outlined below.
Furthermore, the organisation will not collect or record without consent of the volunteer any personal information that could be deemed sensitive, including:
• racial or ethnic origin
• political opinions
• membership of a political association
• religious beliefs or affiliations
• philosophical beliefs
• membership of a professional or trade association
• membership of a trade union
• sexual preferences or practices
• criminal record
Procedures for managing volunteers’ personal information

The organisation will:
• collect only information from volunteers that is necessary for recruitment and relevant organisation functions
• notify stakeholders about why we collect the information and how it is administered
• notify stakeholders that this information is accessible to them

Use and disclosure
The organisation will:
• use and disclose a volunteer’s information only for the main purpose for which it was collected – for example, for checking their references
• obtain consent from the volunteer before using or disclosing their personal information for any other reason

Data quality
The organisation will take reasonable steps to ensure the information we collect about volunteers is accurate, complete, up-to-date and relevant to the functions we perform.

Data security
The organisation will safeguard the information we collect and store about volunteers against misuse, loss, unauthorised access and modification.

The organisation will:
• ensure volunteers are aware of this Privacy Policy and Procedures and its purposes
• make this information freely available in relevant publications and on the organisation’s website
Access and correction
The organisation will make sure volunteers know they have a right to access their file and make corrections if they feel the information is wrong.
Volunteers who wish to access or amend their personal information should approach the Officials Co-ordinator.

The organisation’s Committee of Management is responsible for adopting this policy.
The organisation’s Committee of Management, Officials Co-ordinator, contractors and volunteers are responsible for the implementation of this policy. The organisation’s Committee of Management is responsible for monitoring changes in privacy legislation and for reviewing this policy as and when the need arises.

Acknowledgement and consent
I acknowledge that by submitting any information I have read and understood the policy and procedures for the collection and use of my personal information by the organisation. I understand that I may at any time access my personal information and correct information that is out of date, misleading or wrong. I consent to the collection and use of my personal information for the purposes outlined in this policy and according to the procedures here described.