Pace notes and test day confirmed

Pace notes and test day is confirmed for Gippsland Rally.

We’re pleased to announce we will be holding test sessions on Thursday 2 December, with pace noting on Friday 3 December before competition on Saturday 4 December.

There’s been great demand from teams wanting to test new modifications, settings and simply get back into the rhythm of carrying maximum speed. With the required number of officials, we’re glad to offer this as a key part of the competitor’s event.

The roads for the rally and test sessions are the kind that are nice to drive, but that’s not to say they’re easy. They hold the kind of challenge that, when you get it right it’s so damn good. But when you get it wrong, it’s gonna hurt.

There’s not many caution boards, but the few places that are marked will definitely be breakers! So the importance of test sessions and pace noting will be crucial not only for outright speed, but for safety.

All attendees to the event must comply with State Government COVIDSafe rules. It’s mandatory that all competitors and crews adhere to them.

This includes:

  • Checkins at any point with provision to checkin.
  • No admittance of general public within the Service Park.
  • No Spectator Point.
  • Representatives of the Media must apply for accreditation and are only admitted after their application is granted. Confirmations will be granted from Sunday 7 November onwards.

The event’s COVIDSafe plan will be made available at the event.

Author: Michael Finger

Hi, I’m Michael and I’m a freelance photojournalist. I live in Montmorency, in the north eastern suburbs of Melbourne and I offer a range of photography services to help you achieve the results you’re after.

2 thoughts on “Pace notes and test day confirmed

  1. David McKenzie says:

    Thanks. The Supp Regs (and presumably the entry form) on your website still refer to the ARC event in August. I’ve heard the event will now include a VCRS component. Can you please advise if that is the case and, if so, when Supp Regs will be available and entries open? Well done for keeping going.

    1. Michael Finger says:

      Hello David. New Supp Regs will be added to the website in the coming week, and provided to existing entrants.

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