Final postponement for 2021? Now 4 December

Last week, the Gippsland Rally organising committee discussed the reality of running the event to its postponed date of the 16th of October. Due to Victoria’s increasing daily COVID19 case numbers, understanding the rate of vaccinations and targets set by state government, it’s unlikely the event will run in October.

We could just cancel it entirely. That’s something we could have done when we initially had to let go of the ARC component. But, the organising committee genuinely want a rally… in any form. We love rallying. Most of us have been involved in the sport all our lives. That’s what’s keeping our never give up attitude alive. Just like in a rally, if something goes wrong, we change that flat tyre, we replace a clutch, we even try and rebuild the car to get back in the running!

We want to give this event to all the competitors who are itching to get out there!

During the committee meeting we discussed all the logistics and approvals from authorities, right down to the cricket ground and complex being available. We considered that the community being released from prolonged lockdown might make it hard to find officials. We’d be coming into the festive season and people will want to visit friends and family.

“Like any rally, this event is dependent on our valued officials. If the date being shifted to early December, merging into the festive season effects the ability to have a full appointment of officials, we’ll consider sacrificing our pace notes. If we have to run a blind rally, we’ll do it”, Clerk of Course Andrew Roseman.

“I’ve discussed the date change with DELWP (Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning) and things are looking positive. We have initial approval and they’re encouraging our ingenuity to run this rally.”

So, we intend to run the Gippsland Rally on 4 December, 2021.

Author: Michael Finger

Hi, I’m Michael and I’m a freelance photojournalist. I live in Montmorency, in the north eastern suburbs of Melbourne and I offer a range of photography services to help you achieve the results you’re after.