Heat 1, the half way mark

The first cars have completed the first heat of Gippsland Rally. The stages started in the forest close to Cowwarr Wier and travelled up Stoney Creek Road to Murderers Hill. The teams then refuelled their cars at Murderers Hill and started the next two stages travelling down Black Range Road to Chesterfield Road.

The teams have begun their one hour service at Gordon Street Recreation Reserve in Heyfield. They’ll then head out to Stoney Creek Road to repeat the same stages. The teams are due back at the Gordon Street Recreation Reserve from 4:30 and there will be a podium finish at 7:30 with champagne spraying wildly.

Quote from Eli Evans: “Adam’s doing really well. It’s our first event together. It’s been a lot of fun. The MINI Cooper AP4 is going well, it’s well suited to these roads. They’re quite ‘switch back’ and stages that require a really balanced car and I think we’ve got that well sorted.”

Quote from Kate Catford: We’re really excited to be back on pace notes for this round. It’s really the game changer for the championship. We’re going to keep doing the same thing all day. It’s a good pace.”

Author: Michael Finger

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