GR Toyota Team looking forward to Gippsland’s forest roads

Neal Bates Motorsport made a visit to Traralgon Toyota today for a VIP event. Harry’s GR Yaris Rally car was parked in the centre of the new car showroom. Staff and customers were amazed at the fierce looking – and sounding – rally car. Alongside the rally car was a customer’s GR Yaris so fan’s could make the comparison and admire the engineering of a Bates Motorsport rally car.

The team is excited to arrive in Gippsland and looking forward to tomorrow’s test session and Media Day being held in the forests north of Newry. The stage will give drivers a good mix of terrain and challenges that reflect both Saturday’s and Sunday’s stages of the rally.

As it’s the Bates’ first time competing in Gippsland their professional standards of preparation will be crucial. Some of the other ARC competitors haven’t rallied in this area either, so they have similar challenges. Pacenoting will be crucial as with any other rally and this is set to be the first round of the 2022 Australian Rally Championship with dry roads.

Author: Michael Finger

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